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Overview and Incorporation of Proof of Space-Time to QTC’s Main Chain

Consensus mechanisms (often referred as consensus protocols or

QitChain Network Architectural Details and the Basic Principles of Consensus

In the first three articles of this series, we made some brief introductions

Qitcoin Green a Carbon Neutral Cryptocurrency

Qitcoin Green is a project that aims to make the blockchain carbon-neutral. Its proof-of-capacity consensus

The wave of infrastructure sweeps the prosperous blockchain ecosystem

The two giants in the blockchain encryption

Decentralized Cloud Storage and Blockchain

Qitchain QTC is a decentralized storage technology that is both efficient and unique. The advantage of adopting

Qitchain Mainnet is Officially Launched Now

Finally, the wait is over; Qitchain Mainnet is live now! We are glad to announce that our Qitchain Mainnet has been launched officially on 15th September 2021. Now, you...

QitChain Technical Update Newsletter

1) Mainnet test start time: Interpretation of the mainnet test: A third-party security testing company enters the main network to test and conduct security testing. Recommended by nodes tested...


Internet technology has increased the transparency, speed, and efficiency of knowledge sharing and interpersonal communication. The rise of cryptocurrency has prompted us to reflect on the fundamental “currency” embodied...


COMPARISON OF Proof of Capacity and Proof of Stake We often show the supremacy of Proof of Capacity (PoC) over Proof-of-Work (PoW). The latter considers as the most widely...


Background of Blockchain Well-designed Blockchain technology, as a stable, distributed ledger, not only avoids intermediaries, lowers prices, and improves speed and scope, but also provides greater clarity and traceability...