Qitchain Bringing Us The Internet Of Value To Transform The Search In The Sphere.

Qitchain decentralized search engine platform helps users quickly search on blockchain distributed network. Ultimately to become a effective data aggregator.

Watch Video What is Qitcoin-QTC? An Introduction

Qitcoin An Introduction QTC

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What is Qitcoin?

Qitchain is one of the best applications of the world developed on Blockchain technology. In today’s world, when there is a gray line between real and fake, trust is most lacking. Blockchain is a technology that creates and guarantees trust, QTC is a distributed search engine based on IPFS to help users quickly search the IPFS network.

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Decentralized Search Engine

Qitchain QTC has an advanced and unconventional decentralized storage system where it promised to provide more computing power, ample storage space, security, privacy, and much more. The best feature of Qitchain being decentralized is that the users’ data is encrypted, fragmented, and distributed across a worldwide network.

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CPOC Consensus Mechanism

CPOC consensus mechanism (Conditional-Proof of Capacity) is the first in the world on which Qitchain is developed. This mechanism guarantees the healthy development of the entire cryptocurrency by designing a long-term incentive economic model which has raised the bar for other cryptocurrencies. It enables mining devices in the network to determine mining rights and verify transactions.

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WEB 3.0

QTC by doing Web3.0 infrastructure services on the storage track of blockchain has the potential to improve accessibility with the goal of bringing a fantastic one-click experience to your room. QTC will begin to derive economic value from consumers, businesses, and other entities, providing genuine and long-term revenue flow and eventually propelling the Web3.0 sector beyond the current speculative-led ecosystem.

Qitcoin-QTC QTC

QTC Token Allocation & Economic Model

  • Miners Earn 64%
  • POS 16%
  • Search Lab 15%
  • Qitcoin Foundation 5%
  • Total Supply 105 Millions Tokens (105,000,000)
  • Block Time 3 Minutes
  • Initial Block Size 2MB Block Size, Reward is 75 QTC / Block
  • Halving Cycle The first halving time is 420,000 block height, and will be halved every 700,000 blocks later.
  • Initial Transaction Per Second (TPS) 70 Transaction Per Second
  • Conditional Proof of Capacity (CPOC) A Pledge Period of 360 Days Requires 10QTC/T, and a Pledge Period of 540 Days Requires 5QTC/T. The pledge demand halving is synchronized with the block halving period.

Qitchain System Architecture

Qitchain Network Architecture


Project Development Progress Progress

Phase 1
Effective data and secure network
Phase 2
To achieve preliminary storage and retrieval
Phase 3
The real realization of "effective information aggregator"

QTC Partners Partners

QTC Listings Exchanges


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Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a bit of Qitcoin-QTC, Decentralized Search Engine. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

𝐐𝐈𝐓𝐂𝐎𝐈𝐍-𝐐𝐓𝐂 is dedicated to establishing a decentralized search engine that integrates simple mining techniques.

Yes. QTC now supports transactions, so the buying and selling of QTC is live.

In the DataAge2025 report, IDC predicts that from 2018 to 2025, global data will soar from 33 ZB to 175 ZB. In 2018, the output value of the cloud storage industry exceeded US$46 billion, and the output value of CDN services (content distribution network) also exceeded US$12 billion. These will also be the future demand of QTC.

You can email us at info@qitchain.net or join us on our social media.

Commercial secrets, it is not convenient to disclose at the moment.

Qitcoin officially launched when Filecoin went online in the second half of 2020.

Qitcoin-QTC is dedicated to establishing a decentralized search engine that integrates simple mining techniques.

Qitcoin-QTC is a carbon neutral encrypted digital currency.

First of all, let’s understand why ipfs was born. Everyone knows that Qitcoin is the first application born on the basis of ipfs distributed storage technology, namely the "blockchain search engine". In fact, distributed storage technology is developing rapidly on the Internet. , The application data was forced to be born under the condition of geometrical growth, because the traditional central storage can no longer meet the needs of large-scale data storage. In addition, distributed storage also has certain advantages in terms of hardware cost, performance, maintenance, and disaster tolerance.

Blockchain is a technology that creates and guarantees trust. In today's world, trust is most lacking.

The Qitchain browser establishes this privacy through integrating blockchain. By establishing our own decentralized platform, it does not store data within our systems. Besides that, this includes the implementation of an alternative way to search for a website.

In the Internet age, they did a great job; and Qitcoin compares Google and DuckDuckGo, just like IPFS compares http.

IPFS is a distributed storage and access mechanism for archives, websites, programmes, and records.

IPFS is analogous to the World Wide Web in that it is a distributed file system as we know it today, However, it more closely resembles a single BitTorrent swarm exchanging artefacts within a single Git repository.

QTC uses hard disk storage to break up centralized computing power, thereby preventing the formation of monopolies.

The POC+ POS mining mechanism is adopted.

The traditional POW mining mechanism consumes too much energy and has a serious monopoly of computing power. The slogan of the POC mechanism is that everyone participates in mining.

The mining block size is 2MB.

On 5/25 is launched on "Bit Nasdaq", the source code is opened on GitHub on August 15 and mainnet is launched on September 15. Everyone can participate in mining now.

Participated in the technology research and development of IPFS in the earliest stage. On this basis, it gave priority to the application of the "blockchain search engine" project and obtained angel investment from the YC Foundation.

We will ensure that everyone's information and purchase behavior are encrypted and get a profit rebate for each purchase behavior.

The core members are cryptography experts and brokers, members of the founding team of IPFS, enthusiasts who focus on the exploration of blockchain applications, leaders in the Internet and other fields, etc.

There are 9 full-time core team members, and there are nearly a hundred members in the search laboratory.

The main base of the team is in San Francisco, other members and distributed offices, located in Australia, Canada, Pakistan, etc.


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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