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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cryptocurrency In 2024

Cryptocurrency, a virtual or digital currency secured by cryptographic systems, has revolutionized online transactions, creating a financial landscape free from traditional

Off-Chain vs. On-Chain Crypto Transactions

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the complete digitalization device throughout


What are smart contract? A smart contract is a contract in the form of a computer program that is

Why do you say that | The next bitcoin will be called Qitcoin?

In April 2022, Bitcoin will usher in an important time node. With the

How Economic Model of Distributed Search Engine QTC Work?

Economic Model of Distributed Search Engine QTC The total circulation of Distributed Search Engine qtc is 105 million before the mainnet is going to live. Accounted for 20% of...

Reuters News Report About QTC Decentralized Search Engine

Reuters News reporter coverage about Qitchain Network and says “QTC is open search engine based on IPFS with the innovation of big data storage QTC’s Chain search engine developed....

Exposing Secret QTC

How much do you know about the future “Blockchain Google?” Buffalonews 1. What is QTC? QTC is based IPFS distributed search engine designed to block the chain to become...


When blockchain technology was established 13 years ago, the primary intention was to create a private network that allows for users to have full privacy. Whether it’s using a...


What is CARBON NEUTRAL ENCRYPTED Costs gradually increase in cryptocurrency as block production uses resources. So, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, have begun to seek alternatives with lower power consumption. It mainly...

What is conditional proof of capacity cpoc for cryptocurrencies?

CPoC CONSENSUS ALGORITHM Conditional proof of capacity is a consensus protocol algorithm that uses in blockchains. It enables mining devices in the network to determine mining rights and verify...