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What Is Cryptocurrency Mining And How Does It Work?

Cryptocurrency mining, also known as digital currency mining, is a complex but fascinating process that lies at the heart of most blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. This practice involves the validation of...

Halving Effects on Mining | How Miners Adapt to Changing Rewards?

Only a few events garner as much attention and anticipation as the halving in the crypto world. This reduction in mining rewards has significant consequences for miners, profitability, and...

Redeem Your Solo-Mining Rewards – Qitchain

*Started from 1st Feb 2023 Are you into “Crypto mining” and do not want to depend on any third


Decentralized information garage has emerged as a disruptor to standard cloud garage and will

What is Qitchain’s Wallet: Explained

Cryptocurrency wallets are a way to store cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Qitcoin, Dogecoin and other tokens. These currencies are protected

Qitcoin Green a Carbon Neutral Cryptocurrency

Qitcoin Green is a project that aims to make the blockchain carbon-neutral. Its proof-of-capacity consensus

QITCOIN TURBO PLOTTER for Miners to boost up Power

Qitcoin Turbo Plotter is a much simpler and more intuitive way of processing mining. A user spends less time while plotting


What is crypto mining? You may have overheard the word mining used in sense of cryptocurrencies, but it isn’t quite clear what it implies. The expression “crypto mining” refers...