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Qitchain: Industry 5.0, Blockchain & Decentralization

In Industry 5.0, blockchain technology and cryptographic keys will play an important role in the design and

Fourth Industrial Revolution & Digitization

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) — characterized with the aid of using the fusion of the digital, biological, and

Blockchain for cybersecurity

Introduction Blockchain era digitizes and distributes record-preserving throughout a network, so transaction verification methods now

Qitchain and Zero Knowledge Proof: An Impressive Addition

Introduction Blockchain is a reliable option for the privacy and security required when sharing

Qitchain Revolutionizing Data Retrieval

Qitchain is on a mission to revolutionize data retrieval. We are building the world’s leading decentralized data

Convergence of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and IOT

Blockchain technology, Internet of things (IoT), and Artificial intelligence


Privacy and privacy protection form the cornerstone of the modern economy. This is especially true for blockchain technology,

Web3 Transforming Businesses

Why Semantic Web The term “Semantic Web” is sometimes used interchangeably with “Web 3.0,” despite the fact

QTC: The leader in Web3.0 metaverse digital assets

What exactly is the metaverse of Web 3.0? Before discussing the concepts of Web3.0 and the Metaverse, we must

An Integration: Artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain

What is Blockchain technology? Blockchain innovation generally characterized as a