Qitcoin Turbo Plotter

Easy Configuration

Beautiful Visualization

Go Unlimited!

With TurboPlotter you’ll spend less time plotting and more time mining and that means more coins in your wallet.
Invest in Unlimited to unlock:

  • No limit on active drives – plot a dozen at a time if your hardware can do it!
  • Run multiple instances
  • Queue up 32 drives per instance
  • Up to eight GPUs together

You can use QTC to purchase an unlimited version of TurboPlotter.
To pay with QTC, please send 10 QTC for Unlimited version.
QTC address:3M6nxcUd5s4qWz5n2cHWKN28pfsVP8Dn3U
Please e-mail:plotter@qitchain.net

  • 1.  Payment with your transaction ID (for verification)
  • 2. Your numeric plotting address to be licensed.

After confirmation, we will reply you by an email let you download the software you need.
For other currencies please e-mail plotter@qitchain.net with the coin of your choice and the plotting ID you want to plot with. We will give you a quote in that coin amount and address to send to.

Plotting Two Drives Simultaneously