Costs gradually increase in cryptocurrency as block production uses resources. So, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, have begun to seek alternatives with lower power consumption. It mainly divides into two categories:

1) Lower-cost alternatives

2) Versatile stackable

The original intention of ETH and Monero is to resist ASIC.

They hope that the calculation method of block production can resist ASIC chips.

They can maintain a relatively low block production cost so that ASIC chips do not control mining.

However, once a crypto is issued and market value reaches the scope of ASIC chip investment; ASIC developers will still find ways to design these cryptographic algorithms for mining through calculations into mining machines.

LTC, another well-known cryptocurrency, is also a representative among them, with its Scrypt algorithm.

It has a technical advantage against ASIC but the ASIC equipment manufacturer optimized his algorithm. It turned it into a mining machine to form a device.

In addition, the monopoly of computing power has brought about mass energy consumption.

The dependence on electricity and the threshold of mining farms has made mining a game for a select few.

QTC does not only achieve lower energy consumption but also facilitate the participation of miners’ self-made common components while maintaining a relatively high degree of difficulty to ensure the stability of the system.

QTC uses the CPOC consensus (a very decentralized consensus algorithm).

Compared with the proof of the computing power caused by POW, CPOC will open up a new era of navigation based on the proof of hard disk capacity.

CPOC uses hard drives as the main carrier of consensus.

So that more ordinary people can participate in the formation of computing power through their own computers.

Also, they can return to the part of the original intention of Satoshi Nakamoto to design POW where everyone can participate in decentralization.

QTC also inherits the tradition of BTC as it serves most participants at the beginning of its design.

In other words, each participant can play a role in thinking, supporting, or even subverting the system. CPOC inherits this openness and inclusiveness.

With a more people-friendly consensus on hard drive capacity, CPOC can further promote cryptocurrency to the public eye.

It allows more people to participate in the construction of the QTC economic system.