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Qitcoin (QTC) Halving Cycle

Cryptocurrency Halving Cycle & Price Growth? In the electrifying verse of digital currencies, there’s a recurring event that goes by the intriguing name of “Halving,” or affectionately, “the Halvening.”...

Redeem Your Solo-Mining Rewards – Qitchain

*Started from 1st Feb 2023 Are you into “Crypto mining” and do not want to depend on any third

A Comparison: Tokenization & Encryption

Tokenization and encryption are common solutions when it comes to protecting sensitive data. Many companies

Blockchain Technology Impact on Leadership and Management

With the appearance of Blockchain Technology, a brand-new platform for

Blockchain Technology in Education

Blockchain is one of several Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), and it has been recognised as a digital economic

Utilizing Cross-Chain Technology To Improve Blockchain Compatibility

Blockchain and disbursed ledger networks are exploding day by day.

Blockchain Footprint on Marketing and Advertising

Technological developments have pushed disruptive technologies such as

Off-Chain vs. On-Chain Crypto Transactions

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the complete digitalization device throughout

What is CEFI? Centralized Finance on Blockchain

Centralized Finance introduced for buying and selling cryptos. It handles a fortress over the

Qitchain’s Monthly Insights September 2022

1. Overview of Qitchain As of September 30, 2022, the Qitchain mainnet data is as follows · Block height: 234383 · Number of currency holding