The First Global Top 20 Test Node Conference

On April 30, the first phase of PoST upgrade test was completed, and the first meeting of the world’s top 20 early test nodes was held to demonstrate “how technology supports the development of QTC ecology and global consensus”, and reached a final resolution.

On April 30th, at the first meeting of the world’s top 20 test nodes, we discussed how to increase the top ten POS nodes in the entire network to the top 20 POS nodes, and conducted model deduction and technical testing. The results will be announced later.

AccountAmount RemarkCurrent State
12600000Search Labs1. The search lab strictly follows the rules of the white paper, does not participate in the node Pos election, and accepts the supervision of the entire network.

2. The initial number of QTC is 15.75 million, 1.25 million QTC has been released to investment institutions, and the remaining 750,000 QTC will be released to institutions in batches on a monthly basis before 2023.10.30.

3. The quantities used for ecological construction and technology development are as follows:
Before 2024.1.1: 1 million QTC;
2024.1.1-2025.1.1: 2 million QTC;
The remaining amount will no longer be released according to the provisions of version 1.0 of the white paper before 2025.1.1, but will be fully locked.
799399Search Labs
739615Search Labs
197999Search Labs
158912Search Labs
Search Lab AccountsTotal current account: 1450

AccountAmountRemarkCurrent State
4200000QTC Foundation1. Strictly follow the white paper, do not participate in the node pos election, and accept the supervision of the entire network.

2. The quantities used for ecological construction and team introduction are as follows: Before 1.1.2024: 500,000 QTC;
2024.1.1-2025.1.1: 1 million QTC;
The remaining amount will be fully locked before 2025.1.1.
1050000QTC Foundation
Foundation AccountTotal Current Account: 5.25 million

AccountAmountRemarkCurrent State
854712.6552Early test node1. All test nodes participate in the concerted action plan.

2. All outputs of the test nodes before 2025.1.1 are used to participate in the POS node competition ranking, and the obtained equity rewards are also involved in the lock-up, and will not flow to the secondary market.

3. Announce the address and accept the supervision of the entire network.
854712.6552Early test node
398709.4281Early test node
390480.846Early test node
358167.1954Early test node
324130.2384Early test node
248852.5101Early test node
231484.6068Early test node
162621.8535Early test node
122324.7424Early test node
53152.22221Early test node
49642.21498Early test node
15948.78675Early test node
15666.86809Early test node
6158.742082Early test node
53022.52088Early test node
16373.75324Early test node

10650.09604Early test node
11978.25298Early test node
12276.26865Early test node
Test nodes participating in the early stage (not circulated to the secondary market before the halving)Total current account: 3.7545 million

As of April 30, 2022 via block explorer: participation in mining points to the amount4783918.733  
As of April 30, 2022, the amount of participating in the top 10 POS node elections676948 
540-day lock-up quantityTotal current account: 5.46 million
The above are the accounts and market value that can be checkedTotal = 28.9614 million
The block explorer shows the total amount mined as of April 30, 2022Total = 31.5573 million
The actual circulation of the secondary market as of April 30, 2022Total = 2.5959 million