Qitcoin QTC Future Intend Towards Metaverse and NFT

CEO Shoaib Hayat with the other founding members presided over Qitcoin QTC via Zoom Meeting Application on 23rd September 2021.
All the core members of the search laboratory; the CEO and core team members participated in the meeting. The main objective of the meeting was to set future goals for QitChain QTC and to brainstorm ideas for growing the business competently in the future.

Meta-Verse and NFT:

Firstly, the participants discussed briefly the past achievements of QitChain; then they discussed in detail about Meta-Verse and NFT. Meta-Verse and NFT have both advantages and disadvantages; while discussing their complexities and benefits, all agreed that their benefits are way bigger than disadvantages. Everyone agreed to the point that QTC should adapt both of them for its big achievements in the future.

Everyone puts this statement that Qitchain can achieve attributes of Google through meta-verse; even QTC can surpass the level of Google. To make the distributed search engine of QTC more advance than the current working engines; it should merge with NFT through cross-chain technology. One of the participants suggested that QTC should make a marketplace where we will build a virtual world.

Selling and buying products in that virtual world would be done with the feeling of not sitting at home; rather, with the VR technology, a person will feel like they are physically in the market.

So, it will make purchasing fun, there always will be an element of enjoyment while shopping. The best thing will be that one can get things at the doorstep without bothering themselves to go outside.

Besides that, participants suggested that we can also introduce the virtual meeting and educational rooms where people can meet and learn.

These VR rooms would have everything available for a comfortable environment. External tools like laptops and whiteboards would also be available for taking notes.

Because of the pandemic, most of the organizations and institutes have switched to online mode; these virtual rooms will be the perfect choice for the people as they will help them to get rid of boring online modes.

QTC Google Chrome Extension:

QTC extension for Google Chrome is possible because QTC ensures and is capable of complying with the legal policies and does not do crypto-jacking; it does not use an unauthorized host’s CPU for mining, steal computing power, or install malware.

Chrome has blacklisted/banned only those that steal the host’s computing power for mining or install malware.

While discussing the point of ‘my data, my value’ and NFT, one of the members suggested that we can treat the data as a digital asset which the owner can sell via NFT.

Ownership can be transferred to the new owner, here comes the smart contract with NFT for security reasons.

Finally, the meeting was adjourned by the CEO with the closing remarks, that we will discuss further about the adaptation of Meta-verse and NFT in Qitcoin QTC in our upcoming meeting.