Many issues of the current mining infrastructure cause blockchain to not be as decentralized as it could be. For example, the issue with the Bitcoin blockchain is that Bitmain controls 42% of the Bitcoin mining network, which can be detrimental if they get to 51% or the network goes down. We believe this monopolization of the mining networks is because of the initial expenses it takes to mine, so the average person is less inclined to mine.

To make the system more decentralized, we use hard disk storage to break up centralized computing power. To elaborate, anyone can mine QTC which stops the control of the network by one entity. So, we believe by creating a system of mining that is simple will create a more secure and well-run product run by the community in a decentralized manner.

Through the enactment of a private browser and innovative mining mechanism, we believe that the Qitchain ecosystem will finally be the one to solve this issue that has plagued internet users for the past two decades. And, the community can finally have a voice. Reach out on our social media channels. We’d love to hear from you!