The DECENTRALIZED SEARCH ENGINE is for the people. And for the people only. As the growth of technology creates a dependence on major, centralized organizations, we have seen these companies sell personal data uncovering many privacy flaws in our system. In fact, there is a very constant stream of hacks through the years which has only affected the consumer. Those guilty companies receive minor fines that do not influence them to create a stable system rather they continue their same ways. This issue alone has created the need for blockchain. And, we will lead this revolution through the creation of a private, decentralized platform.

When we established Qitcoin in 2019, we recognized that there are two issues we’d like to address with our product; Decentralized search and mining are major aspects that need to be fixed, which can expedite the adoption of this revolutionary technology.

Decentralized Search

We believe data belongs to the individual rather than a corporation, so our goal gives any internet users that option. The Qitchain browser establishes this privacy through integrating blockchain. By establishing our own decentralized platform, it does not store data within our systems. Besides that, this includes the implementation of an alternative way to search for a website. In fact, HTTP which we use on almost all of our searches on any browser receives content from a data center, so it is not completely private.

We will use the Inter Planetary File System to replace HTTP. For anyone not educated on this topic, IPFS is a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system. IPFS uses content-addressing to identify each file in a global namespace connecting all computing devices. So, in short, we are implementing distributed storage technology through our search mechanism. We implemented this because distributed storage also has certain advantages in terms of hardware cost, performance, maintenance, and disaster tolerance. This, in turn, allows users to enjoy a fully private product built for the user rather than another profit maker for a company.

A decentralized search engine makes use of distributed ledger technology.

Using Blockchain gives you more privacy when it comes to searching online for the products and services that you love.

Apart from giving users back the ownership of their personal information, it’s also beneficial to businesses. They are not forced to target people that big online advertising platforms tell them to target.

They only advertise to users who are already searching for their product and therefore have a relative degree of interest in it. This narrow-focus advertising can drastically improve conversion rates and increase sales.

How does it work?

It functions like an ordinary search engine.

It provides a platform for you to search the Internet. Relevant information about your searches is stored on the Blockchain. By continually browsing and interacting online through a Blockchain-based search engine, you are building up an online identity and buyer persona.

This is already happening through conventional search engines, however, with a decentralized platform, you are in control of how your information is used and with whom it is shared. Your data is encrypted with a private key and stays secure and anonymous unless you decide otherwise.

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