Qitchain Monthly Stats

1. Overview of Qitchain

As of January 31, 2022, the Qitchain mainnet data is as follows

· Block height: 118109

· Number of currencies holding addresses: 104250

· Network capacity: 661493

· Total number of nodes: 1000+

2. Technical trends

2.1 Technology exploration

· The primary goal of this year is to achieve a suitable Turing-complete virtual machine to support various complex smart contracts. We plan to try to achieve the goal by adding protocol layers or cross-chain methods;

· The technical evaluation and selection of the method of adding the protocol layer has been started, and the technical realization work is planned to be completed in the Q1 quarter.

2.2 Update iteration

This month we mainly optimized several interfaces in the client-side RPC module:

· The importprunedfunds method now only accepts two required parameters, make sure not to pass more than two parameters;

· JSONRPCError will be thrown when the UTXO set cannot be read for some reason;

· When pruning mode is enabled on the client, the get blocks method will only return the hashes of blocks retained on disk within a reasonable time window (such as 1 hour), while previously it returned the hashes of all relevant blocks.

3. Community and Ecology

· From January 5th to 7th, CEO Shaoib Hayat, CTO Sam Catchpole, together with CryptoFury, CryptoPower, and CryptoNesia conducted online AMA and airdrop activities on multiple Telegram channels;

· On January 19, CEO Shaoib Hayat was invited by Golden Finance and organized an online AMA with the theme of “Empowering Web3.0 Infrastructure QitChain: The Rising Star of Public Chain” with Coinvoice, PA News, Planet Daily and other institutions Activity;

· On January 26th, CEO Shoaib Hayat and SoftBank China CEO Jeffery Pan launched the theme of “The Secret of Web3.0 Investment Success? Anti-inflation, large infrastructure, counter-cyclical” online AMA and airdrop activities.

· The technology developer community will carry out the development of QTC mobile wallet DApp at the bottom of the Qitchain, more complete functions, more convenient to use, including but not limited to transfer, defi, meta universe game and other ecological construction and improvement, is expected in 30 days after the trial operation and launch.