Qitchain is participating in FIL Singapore Summit

We are buzzing to announce that Qitchain is participating in FIL Singapore Summit. We cannot wait to meet you people there. The content and schedule of the Summit includes meet-and-greet icebreaker to help people get to know each other. Following, session will formally start where the speaker will explain Qitchain, its economic model and consensus algorithm. After that speaker will explicate how QTC empowers Web 3.0 and how it is the rising star of public chain. Lastly, there will be some closing remarks and question answer session.

Now while addressing all these scheduled content we can understand Qitchain as one of the best applications of the world developed on Blockchain technology. It creates and guarantees trust as it is a distributed search engine. The algorithm used in distributed search engine QTC economic model is: CPOC+POST. It combines the underlying technology of POS distributed storage technology combined with our team’s own AC tree technology to create a Google-distribute blockchain search engine in the blockchain era. 

As the era of Web 3.0 approaches, the blockchain industry has also begun to subdivide the track. And the leaders of various sub-tracks have also begun to sprout up like mushrooms after a spring rain. It is foreseeable that the efficient and relatively transparent QitChain Network, with its unique CPoC consensus mechanism and a relatively reasonable architecture, will most likely become a leader in the distributed search engine race. Qitchain is a Web3.0 infrastructure services on the blockchain storage track to create an effective information aggregator. 

The IPFS distributed storage technology has been very hot. The industry generally believes that IPFS will supplement or even replace the HTTP hypertext transfer protocol and become the basic protocol in the WEB 3.0 era. At the same time, IPFS can also change the current “storage” mode that consumes hard disk resources, making it more socially valuable.

The main problem of WEB2.0 is the centralization of data and services, and the theme of WEB3.0 is that on the one hand it is more powerful and intelligent in function; on the other hand it is service and storage. The role of IPFS in WEB3.0 is to realize decentralized storage and encryption of personal data. We don’t need to learn how to build a plane, we just need to buy a ticket and board the plane to reach the destination. So a little understanding of technical principles and focusing on the economic model of storage projects may be a viable path to participate in WEB3.0.

Qitchain’s distributed storage and retrieval networks can better promote the advent of the WEB3.0 era. Distributed storage will develop better as an infrastructure, and distributed retrieval will serve as the basis for ecological applications that will better change the WEB2.0 era.

Qitchain is an independent public chain that aims to empower the blockchain, perform distributed storage and distributed retrieval of valid data in the blockchain, and form an effective information aggregator in the blockchain network.

The Singapore Summit event will be the mirror of exciting future of the network. To know more about Qitchain and its future join us there.

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See you on the other side!!