QTC’s Power Play! Elevating Mining Efficiency with GPU and Chia C7 Synergy

In a stride towards innovation, QTC is proud to announce the release of its latest version of Miner POS, revolutionizing the landscape of Chia mining. This groundbreaking release introduces a comprehensive tutorial on image compression that impeccably aligns with Chia’s official C3 to C7 standards, ushering in a new era of efficiency and performance.


The highlight of this release is the seamless integration of Chia mining machines into the QTC mining ecosystem. The tutorial, crafted with precision, serves as a guiding beacon for miners looking to optimize their operations. Leveraging the power of GPU decompression, this tutorial not only enhances the mining experience but also pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of cryptocurrency.

To fully unlock the potential of this upgraded version, users are encouraged to make the leap to C7 standards along with embracing GPU support. This strategic move ensures a future-proof mining setup, allowing miners to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of digital currencies.

Notably, the file compression mechanism extends its reach to ARM architecture, catering to a diverse range of mining setups. This inclusivity underscores QTC’s commitment to providing a versatile and accessible platform for miners worldwide.

Challenge Resolved

Addressing the challenge of CPU incapability for decompression, the upgraded version introduces CPU support for compressed images falling below C5. Users can effortlessly input the device ID, where ‘1’ corresponds to the CPU, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free mining experience regardless of the hardware at their disposal.

This release represents a significant leap forward in the quest for mining efficiency and accessibility. By embracing GPU decompression and accommodating a variety of hardware configurations, QTC is not just keeping pace with industry standards but is actively setting new benchmarks.

QTC invites miners, old and new, to explore the enhanced capabilities of the latest Miner POS version. With this release, the QTC ecosystem becomes not just a platform for mining but a dynamic hub for innovation and progress in the world of Chia and beyond. Embrace the future of mining with QTC , where efficiency meets possibility.